Automotive Window Films Tint Warranty

1. Pro Audio (herein “Pro Audio”) Warrants to the original purchaser, its window film products (”Film”) against window film defects causing adhesive failure, delamination, demetallization, extreme fading, or cracking when the Film is sold and professionally installed by an Authorized 3M® Window Film Dealer.*


2. Coverage Period: Warranty coverage begins on the date the original 3M® Film was Installed.*


3. Film warranty; last for the lifetime of the vehicle ownership by the original purchaser. THIS WARRANTY IS NON- TRANSFERABLE. This warranty automatically voids upon the sale or transfer of this vehicle.*


4. Warranty Claim Process: Should the 3M® Film fail to meet the warranty terms provided herein (+) the original purchaser may obtain 3M® Window Film without charge.*


5. Film replacement; Excluding Installation Fee ($149.00 USD) of the Film at any participating Pro Audio® Window Film Dealer location in The United States. To the extent allowed by law. The remedies provided in this Limited Life Time Warranty are purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedies. THE PURCHASER MUST SUPPLY THE ORGINIAL RECEIPT OF INSTALLATION ALONG WITH WARRANTY CARD TO REDEEM LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Please contact Pro Audio® to initiate a claim. An Inspection of the Vehicle’s Windows and or Vehicle will be Required.*


a. Maintain Solar Reflective properties without cracking, crazing, or demoralizing.*

b. Maintain Adhesion without blistering, bubbling or delaminating from the glass.*

c. This warranty is Void if the product has been subjected to Abuse or Improper Care. Except for the obligation to replace defective film and reapply film as described above the seller shall not be liable in either tort or contract for any loss or damage, direct, indirect, special, consequential, or incidental, arising out of the use or inability to use this product.*


* Information on this page is periodically updated and subject to change without notice.


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Every 3M Tint comes with a Warranty Card that's unique to the 3M Tint you purchase. That's our Promise for life.

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